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octave-2.1.21 problem with help and which

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: octave-2.1.21 problem with help and which
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 09:50:38 +0100

I have compiled 'octave-2.1.21' successfully under Linux with
gcc-2.95.2.  Make 'check' passed all tests

BUT doing  in an interactive octave session

'help lu' or 'help time'  or 'which lu'

this are all '.oct' files distributed with 'octave'

results in a message 

        which: `time' has unknown type.

or similar.

This is not the case in 'octave-2.1.19'.


SUSHI?  Nein, Danke.  Ich esse keine Koeder.

Dipl. Phys. Thomas Walter
Inst. f. Physiklische Chemie II
Egerlandstr. 3                          Tel.: ++9131-85 27326 / 27330
91058 Erlangen, Germany                 email: address@hidden

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