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Re: new delaunay

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: Re: new delaunay
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 19:41:18 GMT


> For the 'lawyers': could you check the license, is it indeed GPL
> compatible?

  qhull/REGISTER.txt says : 
Dear User of Geometry Center Software:

We would like to find out how you are using our software.  Think of
Geometry Center software as a new kind of shareware: you share your
science and successes with us, and we share our software and support
with you.  The Geometry Center is funded by the National Science
Foundation, and it is important that we be able to report to NSF the
ways in which our software is being used.

If you use Geometry Center software, please send us a letter telling
us what you are doing with it.

We need to know:

  (1) What you are working on - an abstract of your work would be

  (2) What Geometry Center software you use.

  (3) How that software has helped you, for example, by increasing
      your productivity or allowing you to do things you could not do
      before.  In particular, if you feel that Geometry Center
      software has had a direct bearing on your work, please tell us
      about this.

We encourage you to cite the use of any Geometry Center software you
have used in your publications.  

Please send the letter either via email to

        address@hidden    address@hidden

or via regular mail to

        Software Development Group
        The Geometry Center
        400 Lind Hall
        207 Church Street S.E.
        Minneapolis, MN 55455

Thank you!

  So the best is probably to ask them if they mind having qhull 
bundled with octave. They might be happy if it were.



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