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matcompat on the web

From: Julian A. de Marchi, Ph.D.
Subject: matcompat on the web
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 01:50:01 -0400

Hi everyone,

After some weeks of toil I managed to catch up with Paul's last matcompat
emailing, and placed all those compatibility functions and links up on the
MatLinks site.  Paul has since sent me an update which I'll be adding on
this week.


I think you'll enjoy browsing the list, as it gives a colourful indication
of where we are wrt The Mathworks (not that we're trying to ride their
coatsleeves, mind you).  I apologise in advance for the size: the web page
itself is a hefty 800kB.  This will improve this week, as I break it up into
separate hypertext files.

Your comments and updates are welcome.


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