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Re: User Function

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: User Function
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 10:44:40 +0100
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I have already been gathering user contributed functions, or at least
those that are compatible with matlab functions.  For a list of functions
available, see
or download at

This has been a labour intensive process, though I do have a script
to convert the function database into a web interface automatically.
However, file uploads and entries into the database must be done by hand.
Automating this so that users could contribute functions automatically
would be nice.  Maybe an e-mail interface like the current bug_report
function in octave?  A web-based interface doesn't seem right since
it will be hard to get the files in the right place, and an ftp-based
interface is more awkward to use.  Maybe CVS, but I've never used it.
Even with CVS, it would be nice to have a mail interface for occasional

I'm torn about the organization of the database.  The choices which
make sense are by author and by category.  By author is convenient from
an administration perspective (authors are responsible for their own
contributions), but inconvenient from a users perspective (difficult
for them to find the functions they need).  I chose to organize things
by category.  In retrospect, organizing them by author or by package
and using install to put things into categories might be better.

Tricky problems are:

        functions which are different for 2.0.x and 2.1.x
        functions which fix existing octave functions, and so may   
                or may not have already been included in more
                recent versions of octave
        patches to octave sources (2.0.x or 2.1.x) --- particularly
                a problem since they may be dependent on minor version
                number, and since some scripts may depend on the patches
                to work
        functions which disappear from the network for whatever reason ---
                you need to mirror packages and point to the original
        functions with numerous dependencies --- it would be nice to
                package all the libraries needed, and let the user get
                more up to date libraries from the original source if
                they need them.  WARNING: some of these are big.

Assuming the entire database is too large to handle as one big distribution
(which with dependencies like qhull, GiNaC and SuperLU may already be the
case), it will be necessary to distribute parts of the database.  That
means we will have to keep track of dependencies so that we can generate
appropriate subsets automatically.

Paul Kienzle

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 12:17:54AM -0400, Julian A. de Marchi, Ph.D. wrote:
> I've maintained for some time that this ought to be on the
> octave.sourceforge.net site (my personal vote).  The site is not quite
> defunct, but needs a breath of fresh enthusiasm.  In any case, wherever this
> site ends up is also where the matlinks octave compatibility page would be
> moved (matlinks.net/matcompat.html).  I think Paul Kienzle would agree with
> this, and also he's written some Perl to help automate updates to this page.
> I admit I've been on a hiatus myself!  Travels, travails... But matlinks
> will also receive a breath of fresh air in the coming weeks.
> Cheers,
> Julian
> (MatLinks.net)
> ps Wouldn't Linus find this a cruftig dialogue?  Is that his email address
> or does it just look like it?
> : -----Original Message-----
> : From: address@hidden
> : [mailto:address@hidden Behalf Of Cederik De
> : Leon A
> : Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2000 12:08
> : To: Octave Help List
> : Subject: User Function
> :
> :
> : Hi list:
> :     I wrote to John about a site with the User  Contributed
> : Funtions, so i need  sugestions and your help.
> :
> : 1) How we can organize the info (user contribs)?
> :     a)Area
> :     b)Aplications
> :     etc...
> :
> : 2)How submit the info.
> :
> : 3)?
> :
> : Please i need  ideas...
> : Who's first?
> :
> : I will mantain the page, mails and documentation about, and maybe
> : a mailing-List
> :
> : Regards...
> :     now: from México
> : --
> : Cederik
> :
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