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RE: gperf

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: RE: gperf
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:22:44 -0600

On 30-Oct-2000, Lippert, Ross A. <address@hidden> wrote:

| gperf does not exist on my system.  @$GPERF in Makeconf was
| blank, and the command that got executed when
| "$GPERF -a octave.gperf" or whatever got executed was
| "-a octave.gperf > oct-gperf.h" with error "-a not found", but
| that not being enough an error to stop the make.  Further
| downstream, the make derails because oct-gperf.h is an empty file.
| I have installed flex, bison, and gperf (the programs which I
| think are complained inadequately about) now, and have run from
| a fresh CVS this morning and it built just fine.

OK, I added a `missing' script, similar to the one that is distributed
with automake, except that it never tries to create any output files
(it will exit with a warning and failure status).

Now if bison is missing, Octave's configure script will set the YACC
to '$(top_srcdir)/missing bison' so when you try to use $YACC, you
should see a warning message and make should quit.


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