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Re: Benchmark test of Octave on Windows.

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Benchmark test of Octave on Windows.
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 16:24:59 +0100
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Ole Jacob Hagen wrote:

Here is the timings on Octave-2.1.64 linked with ATLAS, but built with
gcc-3.2.3 on Cygwin.

  Octave Benchmark 2
Number of times each test is run__________________________: 3

  I. Matrix calculation
Creation, transp., deformation of a 1500x1500 matrix (sec): 1.039
800x800 normal distributed random matrix ^1000______ (sec): 0.264

You don't have the randn function from octave-forge installed for the MINGW build, which was much slower here

Sorting of 2,000,000 random values__________________ (sec): 1.204
700x700 cross-product matrix (b = a' * a)___________ (sec): 0.2917
Linear regression over a 600x600 matrix (c = a \ b') (sec): 0.165
               Trimmed geom. mean (2 extremes eliminated): 0.4309

  II. Matrix functions
FFT over 800,000 random values______________________ (sec): 0.857
Eigenvalues of a 320x320 random matrix______________ (sec): 0.5477
Determinant of a 650x650 random matrix______________ (sec): 0.198
Cholesky decomposition of a 900x900 matrix__________ (sec): 0.18
Inverse of a 400x400 random matrix__________________ (sec): 0.1207
               Trimmed geom. mean (2 extremes eliminated): 0.2692

Spot-on the same, no surprise..

  III. Programmation
750,000 Fibonacci numbers calculation (vector calc)_ (sec): 0.7607

This one was much slower. If I remember correctly this uses lots of memory, so you might need to run the script two or more time to get a reasonable time for this test

Creation of a 2250x2250 Hilbert matrix (matrix calc) (sec): 0.8133
Grand common divisors of 70,000 pairs (recursion)___ (sec): 0.367
Creation of a 220x220 Toeplitz matrix (loops)_______ (sec): 0.93
Escoufier's method on a 37x37 matrix (mixed)________ (sec): 1.399

This aren't as bad as they could be for the MINGW built... All in all pretty good..


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