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Re: Moving code from octave-forge to octave [Was: polyderiv problem?]

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Moving code from octave-forge to octave [Was: polyderiv problem?]
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 16:50:13 +0100
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I looked at the patches directory of octave-forge and it seems that all of the patches here, except one are either already included in the main part of octave or superseded by other changes to octave. The only remaining patch to consider is M-v-ops-2.1.31.patch that allows the extension of ./, .*, etc to allow Matrix by vector arguments. Its not clear how this ports to NDArrays, since in fact the NDArray generalization means that singleton dimensions in one of the args should force the matrix to be duplicated allow that dimension of the other arg.

Do we want to do that? In any case, matlab doesn't support this behavior, and it might hid some dimensioning errors from the since something like "randn(N,1)+randn(1,N)" would create an N-by-N matrix... It is clear however, that the existing patch is of no use as a basis for this as it is against an octave version prior to the introduction of NDArrays. So all of the patches in octave-forge might be dumped...


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