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Moving code from octave-forge to octave [Was: polyderiv problem?]

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Moving code from octave-forge to octave [Was: polyderiv problem?]
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:05:11 -0500

On  9-Feb-2005, David Bateman <address@hidden> wrote:

| As for the test cases, triu/tril don't have any. But toeplitz and hankel 
| do and should be ported.

It is not necessary to move the test cases from the bottom of .m files
to the DejaGNU test suite.  Even if they are not run by default now,
we can try to arrange for that in the future.  But preserving tests
that have been written is important.  As far as I know, that's what
David has been doing in the past, and there are already a number of
functions in Octave that have tests embedded in them.

| > Rand will require some work if John wants to preserve the existing 
| > sequences for the existing seeds.  Using the 'seed'/'state' 
| > distinction will allow that.
| I'd vote to get rid of randpak completely and just dump the existing 
| sequences with existing seeds. If we were to go this path, it would be 
| better to try and get the same behavior with the same keys as matlab. 
| However that means we have to figure out what the uniform generator that 
| is used as a base to matlab is... I see this as hard to impossible, so 
| again I'd prefer to not generate the same sequences as matlab.

I don't think it will be possible to generate the same sequence.
Also, Matlab's generator has changed in the past and it may change
again, so I'm not sure it makes sense to try to duplicate it.


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