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Re: Reprise: external pager quitting kills standard error

From: dsebald
Subject: Re: Reprise: external pager quitting kills standard error
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:57:17 -0600
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> On  9-Feb-2005, I wrote:
> | I can reproduce the problem of error messages being lost if I set
> | page_output_immediately to a nonzero value:
> |
> |   octave:1> page_output_immediately = 1
> |   page_output_immediately = 1
> |   octave:2> bogus
> |   error: `bogus' undefined near line 2 column 1
> |   octave:3> ones (1000,10)
> |   warning: connection to external pager (pid = 4090) lost --
> |   warning: attempting to finish pending computations...
> |
> |   octave:3> bogus
> |
> | I am typing 'q' to exit the pager as soon as the first page is
> | displayed.  If I page forward to the end then back to the beginning
> | (or anywhere) and then quit, things seem to work normally.  It is only
> | when the connection to the pager is lost in this way that I see the
> | error.
> |
> | So yes, there does seem to be a bug here.
> I can reproduce this with the copy of Octave from Debian, but I am
> unable to reproduce this with my current sources (also running on the
> same Debian system).  Odd.  Well, this one will have to wait until
> I can reproduce it with a copy of Octave that I've built and can
> debug.

A while back Dmitri suggested it might be the compiler... e.g., think back
LAPACK problems, etc.  The Fedora website has an update to the compiler (a
big jump in the version number, pretty much the most recent version).  I
downloaded the update but didn't have time to install and try it before
leaving on my trip.  I'll let you know later if the compiler upgrade fixes



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