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Re: Re; sparse merge

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Re; sparse merge
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 09:59:17 +0100
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Per Persson wrote:

OK, now I'm really confused...

Testing stuff interactively:
octave:5> spinv(sparse([1,1;1,1+i])),sparse([1-1i,1i;1i,-1i])
error: spinv: not implemented yet
octave:5> help spinv
spinv is the dynamically-linked function from the file

 - Loadable Function: [X, RCOND] =  spinv (A, Q)
 - Loadable Function: [X, RCOND, Q] =  spinv (A, Q)

Comments, anyone?


You have to put NOINSTALL in the octave-forge sparse directory. This is probably the cause of the other problems as well...


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