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Re: __gnuplot_set__ fails as function call 2.9.1

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: Re: __gnuplot_set__ fails as function call 2.9.1
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:06:46 -0700
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Quentin Spencer wrote:
Is this expected behavior? I had the second command below in my ..octaverc file, and it works in 2.1.69. I had believed that it was preferred programming style to treat things like function calls if possible. Does 2.9.x differentiate more strictly between functions and commands?

octave:1> __gnuplot_set__ mouse
octave:2> __gnuplot_set__("mouse")
gnuplot> set ("mouse")

Only John, of course, can have an authoritative aanswer, but FWIW:

a) This is an expected behavior with the new gnuplot parser
b) I believe __gnuplot_set__ is also deprecated and it is preferred
    to use __gnuplot_raw__("set mouse;\n")

One of the reasons is that new gnuplot command format is to use
"set/unset value" rather than "set value"/"set novalue"
So if you are fixing things, I would recommend changing all
__gnuplot_set__ to __gnuplot_raw__()

Unfortunately it is not as straightforward since octave does
some parsing of __gnuplot_set__ arguments, while _raw__ does not.
For one thing this substitution breaks mesh() and related
commands, so __gnuplot_set__ will hang around for at least short

I think discussion should go to maintainers list.



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