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Re: new branch in CVS archive

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: new branch in CVS archive
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 11:09:05 +0200
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John W. Eaton wrote:

I created a new branch in the Octave CVS archive for your 64-bit
changes.  The branch tag is branch-64-bit-merge.

So far I've merged all the patches you sent for the
src/DLD-FUNCTIONS directory and added an --enable-64 option to the
configure script.  The default action is to check to see if pointers
are 64-bits, and if they are and a 64-bit integer type is available
(currently I check for int and long; should we also check for "long
long"?), then use the 64-bit integer type for the octave_idx_type,
which is defined in the new liboctave/oct-types.h file (more types may
be added later).  If the tests fail or if --disable-64 is given, we
revert to using int for array dimensions and indexing, same as we
currently use.

I hope to get all your other changes merged within the next week or
so.  After that, I will merge the changes on the branch with the main
trunk in the CVS archive, then make a new snapshot including the
Shouldn't the default behavior for now be to have this disabled by default, at least till its tested a bit more? It seems without either --enable-64 or --disable-64 the default is to enable it....

I'd also suggest including the "long long" class as a possible index, since there is no reason to exclude this codes use on 32-bit platforms even if it will be significantly slower....


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