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Zipped octave file formats and octave core and default file formats

From: David Bateman
Subject: Zipped octave file formats and octave core and default file formats
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 10:10:02 +0200
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Dear All,

At the request of John, I am moving a discussion we were having to the maintainers list... I recently implemented gzipped file formats that allows all octave file formats, including matlab file but excluding hdf5 files, to be saved gzipped using zlib. The files can easily be unzipped with "gzip -d". This is controlled by the "-z" flag to the save command. At the same type I added support for the Matlab v7 miCOMPRESSED format, so the majority of matlab v7 files (ie. those not using miUTF16 or miUTF32 formats) can be loaded and even saved.

However, this implementation raises a question of how to treat the issue of defining the octave core and default file formats. At the moment these are defined by the variables octave_core_file_format and default_save_format. The Matlab v7 format can be defined here as this is a real new file format, but the other compressed formats are just the old file formats run through zlib and are use like "save -binary -z ...". Whereas the variables octave_core_file_format and default_save_format are defined as a single string without the "-".

There are three basic ways we could add the capability to define a compressed file format for the core and default save formats, these being

1) Add a new variable for core and default formats to store the options to use

2) Add new file formats like "zipped-binary"

3) Change the meaning and probably the name of octave_core_file_format and default_save_format so that they are the options to use to save rather than a file format. That is "binary" becomes "-binary" and zipped files might be defined like "-binary -z" in the core and default file options variable (whatever they are called)

The first two options have the advantage of being backward compatible, but both involve rather crufty changes to load-save.cc to allow them to work. The third option is NOT backward compatible but allows a cleaner implementation, and so I propose the third solution as the best one to pursue. However, I'd like comments on this beforehand, especially from those that actually use these options...


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