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Re: Type estimating Octave Compiler

From: Paul Thomas
Subject: Re: Type estimating Octave Compiler
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:40:23 +0200


| The techniques used in this compiler are really interesting, if your
| interested read the thesis and checkout the compiler, download it from
| Please send me your comments.

So interesting that it seems to me that you must have the material for a paper in one of the Computer Science Journals. That is one way of preventing "bit-rot" and good publicity for octave too.

Since your compiler relies on the internals of Octave, it might be
good to include it in the core of Octave so that it does not suffer
bit rot and quickly become obsolete (if it is part of Octave, then we
will notice when changes to the Octave internals cause problems for
the the compiler).  Would you be interested in contributing it?

... as part of the interpreter? Can you see a way to do that, Jens? That would make a huge difference to octave vis-a-vis the other brand. Combined with a vectorizer....

Paul T

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