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Re: 64bit changes, compiler issues

From: Clinton Chee
Subject: Re: 64bit changes, compiler issues
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 11:59:19 +1000
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Hi John,

What version of ifort and icc/icpc do you use in Itanium, for your
successful build?


John W. Eaton wrote:
> On 22-Apr-2005, Daniel Heiserer <address@hidden> wrote:
> | did anybody compile octave with the recent 64bit
> | changes enabled using gcc-4.0.0?
> | 
> | gcc-4.0.0 uses gfortran (fortran95 compliant) instead
> | of g77. gfortran can, by commandline option use 8-byte
> | integers.
> | 
> | I failed in even compiling gcc-4.0.0 on ia64 linux.
> It is perhaps a bit premature to expect gfortran to compile Octave.
> There is at least one bug that prevents it from compiling all the code
> in Octave's libcruft directory.  I don't know the status of the -i8
> option.
> In any case, I have sucessfully built Octave with
>   configure --enable-64 F77=ifort FFLAGS="-i8 -O"
>   make
> on an Itanium system (using the reference blas and lapack libraries,
> so they were also compiled with ifort -i8).  So I think once gfortran
> is in better shape, it should also be possible to use it to build a
> 64-bit capable version of Octave.
> So, things are mostly working, but there are still some details to
> work out, like how to deal with external blas and lapack, how to make
> UMFPACK and COLAMD work, how to fix the binary file formats to support
> 64-bit dimensions, etc.
> jwe


Clinton Chee
Computational Scientist
High Performance Computing Unit
Room 2075, Red Centre
University of New South Wales
Australia 2035
chee at parallel stop hpc stop unsw stop edu stop au
Tel: 61 2 9385 6915

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