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Old patches from Red Hat (continued)

From: Quentin Spencer
Subject: Old patches from Red Hat (continued)
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:58:55 -0500
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I wrote:

Since octave is being removed from Fedora for the upcoming release, I'm working on importing it into Fedora Extras. They are currently packaging 2.1.57 with some old patches, and I thought I should at least look at the patches before I update it to a more recent version and dump the patches. One originated at 2.1.57 and is related to some signbit problems that I remember being reported on the list. The second patch seems unnecessary--it was originally written before the RH maintainers figured out that octave depended on texinfo. I'm attaching the patches. Has the signbit problem been resolved? If we assume that texinfo is installed, is the help patch useful in any way?


One thing I forgot to mention about the help patch was the following comment from the build script that may shed some light on why it's there:

* Wed Jul 30 2003 Lon Hohberger <address@hidden> 2.1.50-3
- Fix for Bugzilla #101299, round 2.  Include a patch to
quell sterr from info; it gives us funny messages if $HOME/.info
does not exist.

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