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default ~/.octaverc template

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: default ~/.octaverc template
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 00:44:49 -0400

On 28-Apr-2005, Keith Goodman wrote:

| I think it would help users if the default ~/.octaverc file contained
| some (commented out) startup commands.
| What startup commands do you use? I'm looking for the equivalent of
| handle-bar streamers and playing cards clothes pinned to the forks.

The file you point to above is not installed as ~/.octaverc, but in
the $localfcnfiledir, so any changes to it would affect every user.

Are you suggesting that Octave should install a default ~/.octaverc
file for users the first time it runs (presumably only if the file
does not already exist)?

FWIW, my ~/.octaverc file has

  history_file = "~/.octave-history";
  global __disable_lyap_interface_change_warning__;
  global __disable_fopen_interface_change_warning__;

and the last two lines should probably go away since those interfaces
have been changed for a while now, so Octave should be changed to
eliminate the messages.


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