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"See also" entries for varargin, varargout, nargin, nargout

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: "See also" entries for varargin, varargout, nargin, nargout
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 14:50:58 -0400

On  5-May-2005, Keith Goodman wrote:

| help.cc: Added "see also" entries to the help files of varargin and varargout.
| ov-usr-fcn.cc: Added "see also" entries to the help files of nargin and 

Thanks, I applied these changes to the main branch in the archive.

In the future, please submit a ChangeLog entry along with your patches.
I added this one this time:

2005-05-05  Keith Goodman  <address@hidden>

        * ov-usr-fcn.cc (Fnargout, Fnargin): Update doc strings.
        * help.cc (keywords): Update doc strings for varargin, varargout.

The @seealso{} macro appends a period, so there is no need to include
one in the argument to the macro.

If your patch has long lines and is likely to be corrupted by a
mailer along the way, please send it as an attachment.

| Can somebody tell me what the warning message means when I generate the diffs?
| $ cvs diff -u src/help.cc src/ov-usr-fcn.cc
| cvs: WARNING: Read-only repository access mode selected via `cvs -R'.
| Using this option to access a repository which some users write to may
| cause intermittent sandbox corruption.

I'm not sure precisely what this means, but I wouldn't worry much
about it.  My guess is that locking is not used when you access the
achive in read-only mode, so it is possible that an update will happen
while you are updating and that you will end up with some inconsistent
files.  But if that happens, I think you can fix it by updating again.

The publicly accessible CVS archive is just a mirror of the real
archive that is updated using rsync over a fast connection, so I would
guess that the chances of an anonymous checkout being corrupted are
relatively small.  If you do happen to notice a problem and it happens
often, then please report it.



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