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Re: manual translation

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: manual translation
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 12:29:05 -0400

On Jul 4, 2005, at 5:17 AM, David Bateman wrote:

Jorge Barros de Abreu wrote:

How I make this patch????
I am not a professional programmer but if one say to me I make it.

I would be a large programming effort as the internationalization of octave is a non trivial task... Otherwise, you can of course go the route of translating the existing manual with the understanding that it would be for a particular version of octave... If you choose that route I'd suggest waiting till octave 3.0 is released as the manual is likely to undergo a large number of changes prior to the 3.0 release which should happen in the next few months..

I agree with David. The current manual is so out of date that translation at this point would be a wasted effort, and a complete solution to internationalization would be a large programming effort.

However, the documentation for the individual functions is up to date and any translation effort would require the translation of the individual functions so you could start with those. With a little programming effort someone could extend the help function to search for the translated text and display that if it is available, otherwise default to the usual help text. That would make your translation efforts immediately useful.

Each translation should start with the md5 hash of the doc string being translated as the first line of the file so that the help system can warn the user that the translation is out of date and show the new English text in addition to the translated text. Use the text in octave/src/DOCSTRINGS and octave/scripts/DOCSTRINGS to calculate the md5 hash for the individual functions. The md5 hash can also be used to generate a list of functions which are out of date or not yet translated for a particular language.

There are some details to work out about where to store the translations. For now I would put them ./lang/pt/fn.pt where fn is defined in the directory .

- Paul

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