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Re: OSKI, an automatically tuned sparse kernel library.

From: Richard Vuduc
Subject: Re: OSKI, an automatically tuned sparse kernel library.
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:06:51 -0500
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Andy Adler wrote:
I've been trying to work on the octave sparse matrix multiply code;
I have a patch for low density sparse matrices that should
increase the performance by about 4x. When I get back from my
vacation (end-July), I'll test and submit it.

I would be interested in hearing more about this too when you return.

I wanted to try to compare this to the OSKI performance. OSKI
provides a "make benchmarks" function with looks promising.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to compare to octave
performance easily.

1. OSKI benchmarks creates its own test matrices. There doesn't
   seem to be a way to enter or save these to be tested elsewhere.

There are some benchmark programs you can try running which accept Harwell-Boeing matrices as input. There is a very short description in Section 6.4 (p. 31) of the OSKI user's guide. The benchmark you want is probably "oskibench_autotune_Txy (where "xy" specifies a particular precision combination liked "id" for 'int' indices and 'double' floating point values). This benchmark reads in a matrix pattern from a Harwell-Boeing file and reports performance for a particular workload. Run it without arguments to see its usage, or drop me a line when you return from vacation.

2. I wasn't able to find test code for sparse x sparse function.

Unfortunately, OSKI does not have a sparse mat x sparse mat function.


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