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Re: handle graphics

From: driss . ghaddab
Subject: Re: handle graphics
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 23:29:07 +0200
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Quoting Shai Ayal <address@hidden>:


Octplot is active (well, at least not dormant) and so is oplot I
think. They both implement handle graphics. There is also CMO, which
is a bit more abstract.


CMO is on hold, as I am moving and just changed my job.
John, please see http://driss.ghaddab.free.fr/cmo/ to get a feeling of what CMO is. Its aim is to provide also an class hierarchy. But the objects are managed
by an external module that is run in a parallel thread.

When the user accesses an object property or method, the object transfer the
request to the module thread and the module responds to the request (but it can
also be programmed to access or execute the method in the Octave thread). It
also implements callbacks, event queue etc. The event queue mimics Matlabs
behaviour. Objects have unique identifiers and they are a new Octave data type.
The 'set' command accepts both a CMO object or the unique identifier (an
integer, as currently implemented). Apart of the "set(obj, 'Property', value)" syntax, CMO also allows the "obj.Property = value" and "obj.method ()" syntaxes.

CMO is indeed more abstract, as it is primarly intended as a framework to
develop concurrent modules running in parallel threads. (cygwin supported,
too).  As soon as things settle a bit here, I'll start the Octave's Graphics
Module, OGM.

OGM will first be abstract, too.  And at first it will only implement GUI
capabilities leaving plotting capabilities to gnuplot or other plotting
engines.  I planned it this way because I am the only developer, and I prefer
to advance step by step.


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