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Re: handle graphics

From: jswensen
Subject: Re: handle graphics
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:21:52 -0600
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I just found that the design and implementation of the handle graphics was much simpler if the UI toolkit was built right into it. Otherwise there has to be a
whole other layer of abstraction to separate the UI toolkit from the handle
graphics stuff. I tried to pick a UI toolkit that wasn't going away soon (e.g.
GTK+ and GTKMM).  GTKMM is simply a C++ wrapper for GTK+.  Since my time is
limited, I think shooting for a single UI toolkit at first is the most feasible
approach.  It can then be refactored later to change the interface to "hooks"
for plugging in a variety of toolkits.

In essence, I want to get something working for "users" before I try to appease
the bigoted, but well-intentioned, developers who all always ready to say "UI
toolkit XYZ could do this so much better/faster/cleaner" because XYZ is what
they have used previously and are familiar with.

I guess I was raised in the extreme programming generation where the motto is
"get something working quick, we can always refactor later".

Does this sound reasonable, or would you prefer I do the up-front,
all-encompasing UI toolkit interface from the get-go?


Quoting Ole Jacob Hagen <address@hidden>:


Are you planning in implementing some kind of "handle graphics" in Octave, John? I believe that Octave should be shipped with a common library for whoever who wants to implement a visualisation application to Octave.

This library is should be responsible that "handle-graphics" hierarchy are ensured.

Props-library in Oplot works in this way, if the code is "octaveized" and refactored.
Oplot works only as a "frontend", a visualisation application.

If this is wanted, then a frontend to every visualisation library that use a "props"-library would be made. I know there are frontends to gnuplot written in Qt. This could be made in tcl/tk as well. Every visualisation application could satisfy these needs.

A props-similar library is then working as a handle-graphics framework, that every developer that makes a visualisation application to octave must use.
And Octave should be released  with such a library.

If I had enough time, I could e.g make a frontend to e.g gnuplot-4.x in Qt, using a "common handle graphics" framework to Octave.
This is just a proof of concept, and it's not very hard to implement....;-)

Am I thinking correctly?


Ole J.


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