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Re: handle graphics

From: jswensen
Subject: Re: handle graphics
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 06:38:52 -0600
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I spent a few hours last night cleaning it up. It is by no means anywhere near
complete, but it show the proof-of-concept of my design.  My version of
uicontrol is in a different branch and I haven't had time to merge it back into
this revision, but I will get that working next.  I had it set up so a button
could call back into octave.  I had a global semaphore in my SW to ensure that
only one UI event was allowe to call back to octave at a time.

Also, for some reason, recent versions of Cygwin+GTK are having threading
issues.  It is almost as if the gdk_threads_enter()/gdk_threads_leave()
functions are not really locking calls to GTK.  This means that at the current
time, this demo only works on Linux (maybe OSX).

Currently, the only available handle graphic is 'figure'.  I have implemented
handlers for setting 'Name' and 'Position'.  I had to rename 'set' to 'hset'
because of a name conflict.

Example usage:

a = figure()
hset(a,'Position',[100, 100, 640, 480])


b = figure('Name','TestTitleB','Position',[100,400, 100, 100])

It can be downloaded from

I want people's opinion as to whether this looks good and I should continue
pursuing it, or if there is a better effort out there that would merit my

John Swensen

Quoting Ole Jacob Hagen <address@hidden>:

Do you have any code to share?


Ole J.


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