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Re: Oplot

From: Ole Jacob Hagen
Subject: Re: Oplot
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 08:30:45 +0000
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Hi, Jonathan.

I have decided to use Qt and Coin, especially  Coin  since the
Coin-developers are very active on the mailinglist, to help developers.
I've even visited their office here in Norway, since they are located at
the same place as I'm living. ;-) They are very skillfull, and has an
usable answer to every question, so to speak. ;-)

Jonathan Stickel wrote:

> Would it be possible to use VTK instead of Coin?  It might be
> possible, then, to port much of Octaviz to Oplot.
If you thinking of using VTK in Oplot, my answer is no.
If you talking about making a VTK variant of Oplot, then my answer is
"of course it is possible". 
VTK looks pretty in 3D, since the API is more developed than Coin. But
Coin is coming around with their SIMVoleon-library (GPL'ed). SIMVoleon
is a volume rendering library, that is quite awesome.

VTK/Octaviz inclusion is not feasible, I guess.

But I could use a little help on controlling the viewport, viewvolume
depending on cameraposition, cameratarget, cameraupvector. That would be

Making a 3D axis system as seen on qwtplot3D (http://qwtplot3d.sf.net)
and matlab is also wanted.


Ole J.

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