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Re: Fwd: [Bug c++/14563] octave built under Cygwin very slow]

From: James R. Phillips
Subject: Re: Fwd: [Bug c++/14563] octave built under Cygwin very slow]
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 10:43:41 -0700 (PDT)

--- Paul Thomas  wrote:

> Andy,
> >  - Has anyone tried to compile octave with a gcc version compiled
> >    with --disable-sjlj-exceptions?
> >
> >  
> >
> Yes, with gcc-3.4.  Not very hard, though.  Something was a rather 
> broken (readline?) and large quantities of symbols were  emitted to the 
> console at start-up.  Once it settled down, though, it ran as quickly as 
> with the samizdat gcc-3.2.
> Paul T

I am completely unfamiliar with the original bug report. I would suggest that
those most interested in the issue try to replicate the bug with the current
cygwin octave release, which is compiled with gcc 3.3.3.  To experiment with
the above-defined flag, download the cygwin octave source, and modify the build
script to incorporate the compiler flag. I do suggest staying with gcc 3.3 for
this experiment, as use of gcc 3.4 will almost certainly break the build, and
bring in many other issues.

If solid evidence of a bug develops, which bug could be corrected by
modification of the build process, I will be more than happy to re-release the
package to the cygwin project.  Before I spend time on this effort however, I
need to see evidence that it will produce a measureably faster or more reliable

I would like very much to see cygwin begin the porting process on the gcc 4.0
compiler, which Debian and other linux distributions are transitioning to right
now.  Anecdotal evidence suggests (to me) that gcc 3.4 may never be completely
solid for building C++ applications, even on linux.  However, there is no
cygwin mailing list activity indicating this interest is shared by the cygwin
gcc maintainer.

James R. Phillips
cygwin octave maintainer

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