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Re: Access to variables internal to Octave

From: jswensen
Subject: Re: Access to variables internal to Octave
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 07:31:28 -0600
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Quoting Ole Jacob Hagen <address@hidden>:


I have looked at the source code by John Swensen.
It seems to me that it's inspired by GLPlot at sourceforge,
I knew I had seen this implementation before.

Besides of a qt_figure, you'll need to make dedicated classes to
different widget and opengl-library.

Using qt and opengl
qt_figure, qt_axes, qt_text, qt_line, qt_patch, qt_surface,
qt_ui_figure, qt_ui_menu

Using qt and vtk:
qt_vtk_figure, qt_vtk_axes, qt_vtk_text, qt_vtk_line, qt_vtk_patch,

Using WxWidgets, tcl/tk, gtk and other widget libraries will also
require their own implementation.

How can we configure Octave using different widget-libraries? Should
this be used runtime by using octaverc, or be done during
compilation/building of Octave?

I don't think Octave should be responsible of shipping octave-qt,
octave_qt_vtk, octave_wxwidget, and so on.
I think this should be maintained as an external library. Octave can
ship a template how handle graphics properties can be implemented by
giving a small example.


Ole J.

After looking at the glplot code, my implementation is very similar.  The only
real difference (Ole, I think the version of code of mine that you looked at
was one iteration old) is that I have separated the handles from the UI.
If anyone wants a more recent look, go to

As to Shai's question, in fact a ui_* class would need implemented for each
handle type to port mine to a different toolkit.

I suppose the setup I have right now could be modified slightly to be morphed
into a Document/View design.  Basically all the ui_* portion of the code would
be split off (rather than derived) and the only data passing between the
'handle' portion and the 'ui' portion would be the Document.



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