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Re: New Sparse Packages

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: New Sparse Packages
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 22:16:42 +0200
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Andy Adler a écrit :


This sounds like good news. That new code, especially with 64 bit
versions will be a nice advantage to octave. While I agree that
moving to a new package is a little bit of pain. It will be nice
to have all the sparse routines in one package.

Apparently UMFPACK will continue as a seperate package as well, but I especially want to use the new CHOLMOD package that is not clear whether it will be seperate or not. Inclusion of a dependency on METIS is also a bit of a pain. But hey I don't do packaging, so I tell myself that is someone elses problem :-)

There was already a 64 bit version of UMFPACK, but what is missing is a 64-bit COLAMD function.

Have you yet had time to figure out wither this will change any
of the Sparse class in octave. ie. will those of us who write
sparse code need to plan for any changes?
Not at all.. The only visible change to existing functionality will be that it will add the Cholesky factorization to the "\" operator, and so the warning about cholesky factorization not being present will go away, and it won't fall through to UMFPACK in that case. Apart from that, the other things this code allows is

* 64-bit COLAMD
* implementation of the chol, symbfact and dmperm functions
* Inclusion of the new CCOLAMD functions

So if what is there is what you use, then there should be no need for changes...

I haven't touched the code yet, just downloaded it, and probably won't touch it for a little while, so thanks are premature :-)


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