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Re: google groups and Usenet

From: Colin Ingram
Subject: Re: google groups and Usenet
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 15:33:12 -0500
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I'm sending this back to the lists.

address@hidden wrote:

It is very simple to set up a Google group. It would take all of 3 minutes. Then, send out a letter to the mailing list telling everyone to join the google group. Group name OCTAVE or OCTAVE USERS GROUP. When you join a google group you can elect to receive all the posts as email or not.... I think all the gateways..usenets...etc... complications are unnecessary. WDF

I don't want to create a new mailing list. (which I think is what this procedure would do.) Nor do I think everyone on the list wants to send their messages to two different mailing lists just for my benefit.

what I am thinking of is more along the lines of debian-user is set up so that it is mirror as linux.debian.user and I can read it from google groups without having the thousands of users sign up for google groups

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