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Re: google groups and Usenet

From: jswensen
Subject: Re: google groups and Usenet
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 12:28:15 -0600
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I actually use Firefox+Sage to view the mailing lists from gmane as RSS feeds. I really like the interface. You should try it out.


Quoting Colin Ingram <address@hidden>:

I just want to sum up the discussion so far. 1. It seems that there is some interest in mirroring the mailing lists as news although some people are happy reading the mailing list as email and they don't see the point of doing this. Others(me included) see a benefit in providing many different ways to read the list so every can choose which one is most convenient for them. Currently you can read the lists as news through gmane, you can read the lists a email, and you can access archives through the web or ftp. It was pointed out that what google adds to this is a fancy UI(which I like and some people don't care for). It was also noted that Nabble provides something similar. I would like to note that there is an increasing number of solutions for reading mailing list as news and searching archives. Currently I know of gmane, google, and nabble and there will surely be more. Each of these are slightly different solutions that appeal to different people. If the octave mailing lists is set up as a monitored usenet group it would be easy for 3rd parties to offer their services to whoever wants to use it. I think that this will increase Octave's visibility and the work of setting up the usenet only has to be done once. (although the mail to news gateway would have to be maintained)

2. There is some question about how the usenet group would be moderated. This seems like a big task and it was suggested that I take on this role. I think that there must exist some automated solution for this since I doubt each and every message sent the debian mailing lists (several thousand a month) is approved manually. I will look into the feasibility of automated moderation. 3. JWE is looking to move the mailing list and is calling for a volunteer to maintain it. Some of us would like to know more about the requirements for this job.


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