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Re: popen2 example gives no output

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: popen2 example gives no output
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 23:46:25 -0400

On 22-Sep-2005, Bill Denney wrote:

| I think that this is what you're asking for:
| === Begin Script
| #!/usr/bin/perl
| foreach my $key (keys(%!)) {
|      print "$key\n";
| }
| === End Script

Excellent.  This makes it fairly simple to generate the list that I need.

| Also, I thought that Perl was already a build dependency for the 
| lsode_options (and *_options) code, so adding this shouldn't really be an 
| issue.

For the *_options files, we can distribute the results because the
output files are not system dependent.  So the dependency is really a
developer dependency (similar to flex, bison, and gperf).  But now we
can't distribute the output from running perl to generate the file
because it is system dependent.  So everyone who builds Octave needs
perl (for full functionality).  So in the case of perl not being
available, we will only have the POSIX error codes (assuming they are


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