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Re: gnuplot+octave+cygwin-X11

From: Petr Mikulik
Subject: Re: gnuplot+octave+cygwin-X11
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 14:45:04 -0500

The fix for Octave, independent of any changes to gnuplot, would be to
open a separate connection to gnuplot for each figure (i.e., one
gnuplot process per figure).

I would enjoy this change! Gnuplot interactive mousing (e.g. zooming by mouse) is limited to the current window only (for which "replot" works).

For example, you need to popen() several gnuplots to work simultaneously on a map and its line cross-section. That way you bypass the octave built-in gnuplot plotting completely and define all commands through "in userspace".

The proposed built-in solution with
   static oprocstream *plot_stream = 0;
   std::map<int,oprocstream *> plot_stream_map;
   static oprocstream *current_plot_stream = 0;
would be much more elegant and consistent.


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