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Re: retaining interpreter when running script from command line

From: Robert S. Weigel
Subject: Re: retaining interpreter when running script from command line
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 10:30:18 -0600
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I have attempted to apply the patch listed at


to octave-2.1.71 on Fedora Core 1 and Cygwin.  On both systems the compile 
with and without the patch went fine (used a fresh source directory for each 
compile), but for the patched case octave-2.1.71.exe was never created.  A 
diff of the make output with and without the patch applied is attached.  The 
difference between compiles starts with

> expect 88 shift/reduce conflicts
> bison -y -dv parse.y

and then it is clear that many programs are not compiled in the patched case. 
However, no error was generated.  (The "expect 88 ..." line appears in 
src/Makefile.)  What else do I need to modify to get a proper compile?

Below is my configure command:

        cd ${INSTALL} ; rm -rf octave-${OCTAVEVER}* ; rm -f octave
        cd source_packages/octave-${OCTAVEVER} ;                        \
        patch -p0 -i ../octave-${OCTAVEVER}-noarch-patch
        cd source_packages/octave-${OCTAVEVER} ;                        \
        ./configure -v                                                  \
        --prefix=${INSTALL}/octave-${OCTAVEVER}                         \
        --without-hdf5                                                  \
        --without-blas                                                  \
        --without-lapack                                                \
        --enable-rpath                                                  \
        --enable-shared                                                 \
        cd source_packages/octave-${OCTAVEVER} ;                        \
        make all ;                                                      \
        make install

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