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Re: Converting DejaGNU tests to Paul's test/assert infrastructure

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Converting DejaGNU tests to Paul's test/assert infrastructure
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 09:27:12 +0200
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Paul Kienzle wrote:

On Oct 24, 2005, at 9:20 AM, David Bateman wrote:

However, nested functions are not permitted with Paul's test infrastructure. I haven't looked at test.m yet to see, but how complicated would it be to include nested functions in test.m?

You should now be able to build test function blocks with the function name being the name of a shared variable which will last until the end of the test or until the next 'shared' block.

Another issue I have is that although "%!error" exists there is no equivalent "%!warning" for the warning conditions. Again how complicated would it be to add this?

Octave can only test the first warning since lastwarn isn't updated after the first warning. Presumably it resets itself after returning to the prompt. Also the warnings will be displayed during the test.

Regardless, I've added a warning block similar to the error block:

    %!warning warning("message text")

If you want to check the contents of the warning or error message, then use the new syntax '%!error <pattern> code'. For example:

    %!error <nonconformant> [1,2,3]*[4,5,6]
    %!warning <division by zero> 5/0

Pattern can be any regular expression on the string with leading 'error: ' and trailing '\n' stripped off.

I first extended the 'fail' command to allow fail(code,'warning',pattern) which will check the value of lastwarn against the pattern, but I decided the tests looked too ugly.

- Paul

I was thinking along the lines of a warn.m similar to fail.m as attached. But as you noticed, the new warning doesn't clear the old one and so we can only use the code once!

I think there needs to be a change to lastwarn in octave to clear the old warnings and also to suppress the warning messages. I have about 40 warning tests in the DejaGNU code to convert and so if I can only test one of them, this won't work.


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## PKG_ADD mark_as_command warn
function ret=warn(code,pattern)
  if nargin < 1 || nargin > 2
    usage("warn('code' [, 'pattern'])");
  ## allow assert(warn())
  if nargout, ret=1; end  

  ## don't test warning if evalin doesn't exist
  if !exist('evalin'), return; end

  ## perform the test
    err = lastwarn;
    if (isempty(err))
      msg = "expected warning but got none.";
      ## allow warn('code')
      if (nargin<2 || isempty(pattern))
      msg = sprintf("expected message <%s>\nbut got <%s>",
      if (!isempty(regexp(pattern,err(1:end-1))))
    msg = ["expected warning but got error: ", err];

  ## if we get here, then code didn't fail or error didn't match

%! wdz = warn_divide_by_zero;
%! warn_divide_by_zero = 1;
%! warn('1/0','division by zero')
%! warn_divide_by_zero = wdz;

%! wfi = warn_fortran_indexing;
%! warn_fortran_indexing = 1;
%! m = [1,2;3,4];
%! warn('m(1:4)','single index used for matrix')
%! warn_fortran_indexing = wfi;

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