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Removal of Documentation FIXMEs

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Removal of Documentation FIXMEs
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 00:11:38 -0500

On 13-Dec-2005, Bill Denney wrote:

| Here is a fix that removes a few documentation FIXMEs.  Hopefully, I got 
| the jist of what was desired.

Thanks for looking at these problems.

| address@hidden XXX FIXME XXX -- need a brief description of the ~/.inputrc 
file here.
| +The octave prompt uses the GNU readline library.  To customize the way
| +that the prompt works, i.e. how it searches through the command
| +history, edit your @code{~/.inputrc} file.  For documentation on how
| +to setup a @code{~/.inputrc} file, see the readline documentation at
| address@hidden://cnswww.cns.cwru.edu/php/chet/readline/readline.html#SEC9}.

Please use @file when referring to files.

Instead of the last sentence with the @url command, I think we should

  @xref{Readline Init File
==================, , Readline initialization,
        readline, GNU Readline Manual}, for details.

| +If you are viewing plots on a remote terminal, you will need to set
| +your display variable (generally @code{export DISPLAY=<your
| +hostname>:0.0} works).  On OSX with aquaterm, you will need to set two
| +variables in your .bash_profile and .bashrc files: @code{export
| +DISPLAY=:0.0} and @code{export GNUTERM=aqua}).

If you are using ssh in a reasonable environment to connect to a
remote system, then DISPLAY should already be set for you.  So we
should probably not encourage people to hardcode DISPLAY settings in
their init files unless there is no other way to make things work.
Also, we should probably just say that environment variables need to
be defined.  Why should we assume bash is the shell?


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