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Installation problems

From: frank wang
Subject: Installation problems
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 13:20:12 -0700

Thanks for the help on the gfortran and configure can find it now.
However, I still have problems with installation. The configure cannot find readline package, even though I have installed it and the rpm -q readline said it is readline-5.1-22. The same thing happens for ncurses, termcap that configure cannot find them even though they are installed. Can someone help me to figure this out?
Also, I used --disable-readline and configure worked. After the make command successfully build the package, I typed make check. Then I got:
src/DLD_FUNCTIONS/luinc.cc.........................panic: Segmentation falut.
This is also happened on another linux machine. What is wrong with my installation process?

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