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Re: Seg fault with test_sparse.m

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Seg fault with test_sparse.m
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 22:47:53 +0200
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Joe Koski wrote:
Hi all,

After getting a successful build of octave-2.9.7 on my Mac G5 with OS X
10.4.7, Xcode tools 2.3 (gcc-4.0.1) and gfortran, I installed dejaGNU and
ran make check. I got one IO error, but things were going well until I hit
test_sparse. There I got a seg fault. I have attached the terminal output
and fntest.log output in case you want to see them.

I then moved to the test directory and ran octave. Here's what I got:

octave:1> test_sparse
writing test output to sptest.log
warning: Calculating Sparse Matrix Type
panic: Bus error -- stopping myself...
Bus error
Joe-Koskis-Computer:/Tools/octave-2.9.7/test jakoski$

I have also attached the sptest.log for your information.

To my untrained eye, the script seems to be running through quite a few
tests before the failure. Things are almost working.

Anyway, I'll be available to try things, but maybe it's time for someone
with sparse matrix knowledge (definitely not me) to try this on a Mac. I'll
be available to assist anyone who wants to try building octave-2.9.7 or
later on a Mac under OS X 10.4. I can cut many hours from the build process
with my experience from the last few days.

The other problem that I have is with the legend.m routine in octave-forge.
The problem is persistent with any script that uses legend. As I said, I can
file a bug report, if it is an unknown problem.

Meanwhile, I'll go back to octave-2.1.73 for my routine stuff. Let me know
when or if I can help or try something.

As an aside, I've been around complicated software and complicated
engineering systems for over 40 years, and I have seldom seen things that
went cleanly from start to finish. There's always something, and the problem
never seems to be the thing that you were worrying about.


I tried looking at this in June with Marius Schamschula, but couldn't identify the exact test causing the issues. Firstly, is UFSparse correctly installed? If so which version? In any case, I'd promised myself I'd steal my wife's powerbook for a few hours to test this out one of these days, though I'd be happy if some one else could identify exactly which test is failing. From your logs it seems that something like

sm = sprandn(8,8,0.2)
fm = rand(8,8);
am = sm .^ fm;
am2 = am(find(am != 0)

might fail for your. If it does I have a chance of finding the problem without bothering my wife :-)


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