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Modifications to pkg.m

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Modifications to pkg.m
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:26:42 -0400

On 25-Aug-2006, David Bateman wrote:

| I'd like to propose the following modifications to the package manager
| in 2.9.8. Basically the changes are
| 1) Treat both PKG_ADD and PKG_DEL files. If the created PKG_* file is
| empty remove it
| 2) If for some reason the directory for the package that is created is
| empty, then remove the package. This allows system specific packages (eg
| MacOSX) to attempt to be installed on other architecture fail gracefully.
| 3) Treat bin/ directories in the package, copying them the the package
| directory, and adding them to the EXEC_PATH when the package is loaded
| 4) Install any doc/ directory with the package itself.
| Basically with these changes the only package that is still causing me
| issue in octave-forge is graceplot, due to the alternatives installation
| directory. This while probably be easy enough to fix though.

OK, please check in these changes along with a ChangeLog entry.



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