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Re: graphics issues (was: Re: moving toward a 3.0 release)

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: graphics issues (was: Re: moving toward a 3.0 release)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 13:38:41 -0400

On 29-Sep-2006, Shai Ayal wrote:

| While OpenGL will take care of all the 3D stuff, you still have all
| the "graph" things to take care of -- axes, tics, legends, titles
| etc... All are "trivial" but with many small annoying details (auto
| axes limits and ticks is quite hard IMHO). this is quite a lot of
| work. octplot is under development for more than 2 years (although
| it's not very intensive development) and these things are still far
| from prefect

I agree that these little details, while each may seem like a simple
problem, add up to a major headache, especially given that the code
already exists in other places (gnuplot, plplot, NCAR graphics, etc.).

My preference would be to use some existing code if at all possible,
but I don't know where to find something that is relatively easy to
use and not closely tied to a specific plotting package.


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