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signal hanling in octave

From: Miroslaw Dach
Subject: signal hanling in octave
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 14:17:42 -0500
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Dear All,

I am using mex program under octave. The only missing function in octave 2.9.9 implementation (which I need to use) is mexAtExit. This function registers the handler function which is call before exiting from Matlab. As the replacement of that function on octave I have tried to use atexit but my function is not call as the first one before closing the octave and octave simply stalls. John has suggested to me to add the pointer in the octave_mex_function class but i am not so familiar with octave code. I was just playing with the standard c signal function to register my handler but I do not know which signal is sent when octave quits.

I would appreciate very much is somebody could help me on that.

Best Regards

Miroslaw Dach
Octave's atexit function is not the right tool for this job.  The
mexAtExit function must register a function to be called just before
the mex file that calls mexAtExit is cleared, either explicitly or
when Octave exits.  I think the appropriate place to store the pointer
to the exit function is in the octave_mex_function class.  If you
don't see how to implement this, but would still like to work on it,
please ask questions on the maintainers list.



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