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RE: Re: MSVC compiler support [patch 13]: glob.h and fnmatch.h

From: michael . goffioul
Subject: RE: Re: MSVC compiler support [patch 13]: glob.h and fnmatch.h
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:45:55 +0200

>> Do you mean a glob library that would be part of octave source tree? Or
>> an external one?
> I would rather not include the glob code in the Octave sources.Perhaps we could
> distribute it from the same place as Octave, but separately. I also don't think it should
> be optional.jwe

It's up to you, although the glob library is only 2 C-files... Then I guess the best is to
package it in such a way that it can be compiled with cccl as well. With a few changes,
I could compile the glob library and use it in octave. The main change was to provide
opendir/readdir/... implementations, as I did already for octave (I simply copy/paste'd
the code). If glob is package separately, then I guess these utility functions could also
be put there and octave could simply use them, instead of having its own implementation.
I also hacked the readline library (the MinGW package) to make it compilable and
usable MSVC. Now I can use readline normally under my Windows command prompt.
This also could be provided as a separate package.

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