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Re: MSVC compiler support [patch 1]: Extra define's

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: MSVC compiler support [patch 1]: Extra define's
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 14:07:25 -0400

On 17-Oct-2006, David Bateman wrote:

| Michael Goffioul wrote:
| > 3) Disable compilation of "doc/" under MSVC as I couldn't get it work yet
| For this point, in general if you use a release it shouldn't be an
| issue, as the docs are prebuilt. Except that when sepchar is ";", then
| one of the *.texi files is remunged from the *.txi file and a rebuild is
| forced... That is under cygwin or mingw there is this same issue. I've
| just worked around it upto now by hand editing the appopriate *.texi
| file to change the ":" sepchar to ";" and the doc build is disabled.
| Something needs to be formalizationed to properly avoid this issue.

Do we want the documentation to just use one convention and mention
that on some systems, the directory and file separators and other
things might be different?  Or should the documentation be correct for
the system it is built on?  If the latter, I don't know how to solve
the build problem.  If the former, I'd consider patches.



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