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Re: mixed type operations in Octave

From: soren
Subject: Re: mixed type operations in Octave
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 10:14:43 +0200
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Quoting Jaroslav Hajek <address@hidden>:
7. pretend that there always exists a real type wide enough to hold
all 64-bit integers, and use the semantics "convert both operands to
wide real, do OP, convert to intXX". On systems where this type really
exists (like the 80-bit long double on x86) it could be implemented
directly; otherwise, it would need software emulation (painfully slow
and laborious).

Just out of curiosity, but would it be possible to have a long_double type in Octave, and would such a type solve the difficulties? Having a long_double type might be nice to have anyway.


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