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Re: Better quadrature routine in octave

From: Pedro Gonnet
Subject: Re: Better quadrature routine in octave
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 12:36:28 +0100

On Wed, 2010-03-31 at 14:09 +0200, Jaroslav Hajek wrote:
> I advise you not to do it until it becomes apparent that the m-file
> version can't be optimized to provide satisfactory performance.
> Having algorithms in m-files has certain advantages, in particular
> that it is easier for people to play with them.

Ok, I was going to do it anyway for the GNU Scientific Library, but this
somewhat takes the urgency out of it.

> If you come up with a version that can replace quad (if I understood
> correctly, it suffices to add handling of singular points)
> and adapt it somewhat to the coding standards (at least the major
> points, i.e. consistent comments, specific block ends), I can help you
> with optimizations, should any be needed.

That's exactly what I've done. I've also added the handling of +/-Inf in
the interval, albeit in a hackish way, as well as some documentation and
some test functions that I shamelessly stole from quadgk.

I haven't done any extensive tests with the new code though! Will do
this as soon as possible using the examples from the paper, so what I've
attached here is NOT FINAL, but just a teaser to get some comments
regarding form and style!

Some preliminary observations: The code is much slower than it is in
Matlab, probably due to the whole JIT thing. I can only guess as to
where performance is lost -- I'm guessing a good part is lost in the
"heap" which is not a heap. Back when I implemented it in Matlab, using
and unsorted array of structs was faster than building and maintaining
an explicit heap. Is there any way to profile the code in Octave to see
if this is really where I should focus my attention?

Cheers and much fun,

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