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Re: Deprecate cut()?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Deprecate cut()?
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 00:32:17 -0400

On  5-Apr-2010, Judd Storrs wrote:

| This sort of gets at something that irks me slightly about the
| savannah bug tracker's current state:
| Someone hitting the site only sees the scary red open bugs. Is there a
| way to browse closed bugs?
| I haven't found it. It seems that search is the only way to find out
| what has been closed recently (I got fed up and emailed jwe to get
| added to the global bug email notification list ;). Once the bugs are
| closed they disappear.

If you choose "any" instead of "open" in the "display criteria" dialog
and then apply the changes, you will see all the reports.  This seems
to be a sticky setting until you log out of savannah or delete cookies
or something.  I'm not sure precisely where or how this setting is
stored, but it does not seem to be permanent and I don't see an option
for setting a default.

In any case, if there are problems with savannah, we should try to fix
them, or at least report the problems.  So if you think the default
tracker settings should show all bug reports, or sort them in some
other way, then I encourage you to help fix savannah or at least
report the problem.

| Does anyone know what joining a project as a member means? Does that
| make using savannah easier or does it give you write access to
| something? i.e. is joining as a member recommended?

As far as I can tell, if you are approved as a project member, you
have write access to the source archive.  There are ways to set
permissions for things like access to the bug or task trackers, but I
see no way to limit access to the source archive.  So we won't likely
approve anyone who asks, just because they ask to be a project
member.  So usually someone becomes a project member on savannah and
gets write permission after they have participated for a while and
submitted some number of good quality patches (assuming that they want
to be a project member, of course).  There are no set rules.  Usually
it seems to be a matter of "it would be easier for us if you just
checked in your changes yourself (perhaps after some review/approval)".


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