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How to disable pulling in native graphics related libraries?

From: Jarno Rajahalme
Subject: How to disable pulling in native graphics related libraries?
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 21:11:49 -0700

Configuring Octave on OSX, I usually get the following from ./configure:

WARNING: FLTK config script not found.  Native graphics will be disabled.
WARNING: I didn't find the necessary libraries to compile native
WARNING: graphics.  It isn't necessary to have native graphics,
WARNING: but you will need to have gnuplot installed or you won't
WARNING: be able to use any of Octave's plotting commands

However, regardless of native graphics being "disabled", the code still links 
with OpenGL, fontconfig and freetype libraries, if found, which also pull in 
X11 libraries, even if --with-x=no is specified.  The most problematic of these 
is opengl/GLU, which also pulls in the OS compiler's version of 
libstdc++.6.dylib. I have had bad experience with binaries running two sets of 

I did not find any easy way to disable the checks for OpenGL, so what I ended 
up doing was the following:

$ ./configure  --without-framework-carbon --without-framework-opengl --with-x=no

Then edit ./config.status to remove the opengl, fontconfig, and freetype LIBS 
and FLAGS (in multiple places), as well as the related HAVE's from the 
generation of config.h.

and then:

$ ./config.status

in order to re-create the Makefiles and config.h

After this the make will produce binaries w/o references to native graphics.

I think it would be a good feature to be able to not have any of the native 
graphics as a configuration option, like this:

$ ./configure  --without-native-graphics

that would take care of all of the above. Could be useful also for configuring 
octave for clusters.

I would propose a patch if I knew how to do that,  but my skills in autoconf 
et.al. are still way too limited for that.



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