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Re: mouse button and key press callbacks in the fltk backend

From: John Swensen
Subject: Re: mouse button and key press callbacks in the fltk backend
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 12:27:58 -0400

On Apr 14, 2010, at 11:32 AM, Michael D. Godfrey wrote:

> On 4/14/10 6:58 AM, Shai Ayal wrote:
>> I'll try to do it. Where in the manual do we document graphic properties?
>> Shai
> You will find it in the Chapter on Plotting.  I updated this Chapter awhile 
> ago, but among
> the things I did not do is distinguish what is currently functional in each 
> backend.  The
> Chapter was clearly written before backends.  It could stand more work.
> Thanks again for these improvements!!
> Michael

I have intentions of starting work on the GTK backend again soon, and am 
wondering if it makes sense to extract a bunch of the functionality that is 
already present in the FLTK backend (big thanks to everyone who has implemented 
that) and put the common functionality in either a backend base class or a 
backend helper class.  The functions I am thinking about are things like:

I will probably end up just copying a bunch of these anyway and use your FLTK 
event handler as a template for the right way to interact with the Octave 
graphics properties.

John Swensen

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