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a few first build notes

From: Tommy Guy
Subject: a few first build notes
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 02:15:36 +0100

Dev team,

I am working through a first build of Octave and I noticed a few
problems/bugs that deserve mentioning.  If the bug is me, not the
code, then feel free to ignore.

System: Ubuntu 8.10 (yes, I know - old) with self compiled recent
versions (newer than Debian package) of everything listed in HACKING.

1) lex.ll could not find any of the symbol types.  Line 3556, for
example, failed because EPOW was unknown.  I saw the comment

// These would be alphabetical, but y.tab.h must be included before
// oct-gperf.h and y.tab.h must be included after token.h and the tree
// class declarations.  We can't include y.tab.h in oct-gperf.h
// because it may not be protected to allow it to be included multiple
// times.

near the top of the code.  Two problems.  First, y.tab.h doesn't seem
to exist.  I thought yacc/bison made y.tab.c.  Second, neither y.tab.c
nor y.tab.h was included in lex.ll.  When I included y.tab.c in the
correct place, the build carried on.

2) I didn't have OpenGL installed and this meant gs2ps wouldn't
compile.  When I installed it, problem solved.  However, the configure
script did not warn me that this would be a problem.  Pretty picky
point, but it makes the code a little more user friendly.

Those are my experiences.  I know completely new builds are rare so
some of these problems might not creep in too often.  If either is off
base, I would love to know why.

Tommy Guy

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