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Re: OctaveDE in QT [was Re: looking ahead to 3.6]

From: Søren Hauberg
Subject: Re: OctaveDE in QT [was Re: looking ahead to 3.6]
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2011 19:16:20 +0100

lør, 05 03 2011 kl. 00:40 -0500, skrev John Swensen:
> It took a bit of work, but I now have the most recent source for
> Konsole converted to be "KDE free".  The sources for qtermwidget made
> it a lot easier when there were steps I wasn't quite sure about.  I
> also modified the test program of the qtermwidget library to launch
> Octave and a thread inside the same program running the terminal.  At
> this point, Octave is running in a terminal emulator widget in the
> same memory space as the user interface (i.e. no crazy IPC to
> communicate with Octave internals).  I should be able to use the exact
> same octave_server class hooked into the readline idle loop that I
> used previously in OctaveDE/GTK+ and start implementing the panels for
> history, variables information, etc.

I tried your code on Ubuntu and it looks nice; good job! Two minor

      * It was a bit tedious to compile as I had to manually fix the
        include and link flags. If I removed LIBS and INCLUDEPATH from
        src.pro and instead added, 

                INCFLAGS = $$system(mkoctfile -p INCFLAGS)
                LFLAGS = $$system(mkoctfile -p LFLAGS)
                LIBS    += $$LFLAGS -loctave -loctinterp
                QMAKE_CXXFLAGS  += $$INCFLAGS
        things got picked up automatically. I don't know if this works
        on other platforms, though...

      * I see issues due to localisation. If I start 'octavede' with
        LANG="da_DK.utf8" (default on my system), 'plot (1:10)' does not
        work with the gnuplot backend. If I reset LANG to "" or "C" then
        it works just fine (this issue is due to the commas and periods
        in numbers are used opposite in Danish compared to English). I
        don't know if you can disable localisation in QT; in GTKmm you
        can do it when you initialise GTK.


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