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matrix operation in Octave

From: Akos Marton
Subject: matrix operation in Octave
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 23:08:31 +0200
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Hi List,

We are working on a school-project which is about calculating product of large matrices. This project is trying to implement this operation on a heterogen cluster-architecture (e.g. multi-core Intel and Cell CPUs). Communication is based on our own communication method, later we wish to compare this network protocol to other already implemented and well known ones.

We would like to use Octave interface over our multiplication, because it is a popular and perfectly workable interface.

We would like to get information from Octave -,maintainers ,-developers: how to get the Octave's programming-interface and/or shell-interface to use together with our implementation.

This implementation is aimed to reimplement the multiplier operator or method (-It is a question how it is implemented now... ) in Octave to use our parallel matrix multiplication method instead of the common, already implemented one. Perhaps some overloading is needed.

I have some vague ideas, but I haven't been involved in Octave's source-code yet. Actually don't have much idea how to start with Octave developing, so I would appreciate some information on how to connect our project to Octave.

As a further goal we would like to get SVD to work together with our 

Thanks in advance for your help!
Akos Marton

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