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Re: Octave on Android

From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: Re: Octave on Android
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 20:34:24 +0200
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Was your issue that you could not find the source code and didn't
realize, as a user, you could make a request for it?  Or did you think
that charging for GPL licensed programs is not allowed (but actually
is)?  Trust me, I have struggled over this.  With the various projects I
have, I actually have a lot of users and get contacted a lot and am
continuously improving my apps (the number of hours I have for this is
small, so this may not be obvious).  I expected that others would want
to contribute time/skill, but I don't get emails about that.  I get
emails about bugs, feature requests and how to do a particular thing.  I
also get effectively love letter and hate mail.  I didn't charge for a
long time, but I now believe (knowing myself) that I will provide a
better product with some small incentive.  I have made that payment
requirement have very minimal impact on the users and I have made the
source code available so it can be modified.  If you know a little
something about Android and my source code, the payment can be bypassed
in a couple of ways that doesn't even require source code modification
(nothing illegal, just the right file in the right place).  Can we tone
this down a bit?  Can you drop your complaint to Google until you are
sure there is a valid complaint to be made?

Thanks everyone,

Dear Corbin,

you must know that I'm the very last person who won't come to an happy end here. Once again, I'm not talking about GNU Octave Core, the Core Developers can speak for themselves, I'm talking about OdePkg 0.8.2.

I'm not very fast in answering emails and meanwhile a lot of people already have replied, but let's turn time back a few hours to explain my point of view this morning:

- Doing a quick
    find . -iname ode23.m
  on my tab gave as a result: surprisingly nothing.

- Doing a quick
    grep -re "ode23" *
  on my tab gave as a result: <whereever>/lib__file5.so

I thought: *hm* binary. Next I got the answer from you:

- You wrote:" require donation" and I thought: definitely no.

- You wrote:" at least $1" and I thought: not even 1c and "especially not" if distributed in binary form.

Next I've taken a look at your repo: no OdePkg modifications found *hm* after that my answer followed.

Now, what I want you to do is:

- Please make all the necessary modifications and scripts available that are needed to build OdePkg 0.8.2 as pushed as a package to Google's Play Store. I want to have a look at the codes.

- make a binary package of OdePkg or of GNU Octave that doesn't "require donation" to run OdePkg, modify the website at Google Play Store that clearly does not say "Currently, only functions if you have made a donation." but something about "Free as in Freedom".

- make a donation to the Core Octave Development team here
about any amount that you think honours OdePkg 0.8.2 from the amount that you've gotten AND really do it!

Best Regards


PS. About that Google ticket: I can't stop that tank at the moment but once I get contacted I'll tell them that we're in a friendly solving way right here on the list - maybe you should do the same.

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